Sunday, August 28, 2016

Another Day Another Blast From The Past

I really don't like that saying 'blast from the past'. There was a really rotten film of the same name about 20 or so years ago. I digress.

Tomorrow I'm going to be sticking my neck out and trying something I never thought I'd have the brass neck to do. Failure is probably a certainty but all it takes is one person, just one, to believe in me and things could actually, genuinely, happily happen. I'm at the point, once more where life can go one of two ways, I'm hoping this time that it's the better road I get to travel.

Travelling is made much more pleasant with some good tunes. I need a jolly song to take me through the end of a fairly wasted weekend (dizzy, nauseous feeling still there so nothing of any worth has been accomplished).

Friday, August 26, 2016

Claim To Fame

My second flashback to the 80s is a song that has particularly fun memories.

My dad had picked me up from school on the way back from my auntie's, on the radio it was announced that if you could get to the Barrowlands in Glasgow by 4:30 you could take part in the filming of the new Deacon Blue video.  Well, I quickly persuaded my dad to turn around and pick up my then best friend who was just as eager to go and off we went.

I can't quite remember how long it took, I think it was well after 10 pm when we finally stepped back outside, breathless and excited, having had a brilliant evening of music. Yes, they did play the song again and again but they also gave us a free concert of their other songs too. Perhaps it took hours and hours but it certainly didn't feel that way.

I can spot myself in the crowd, back then I was all curly hair, big earrings and no glasses (I squinted a lot but I just hated wearing the huge glasses I had!)

So, one of my claims to fame, I'm one of the crowd in a music video - I'll take it!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's The 80s Again

I have been given one of those Facebook challenges by a friend where I post songs from the 80s for 7 days. It was such fun looking through my first choice that I thought I'd inflict my music share on here as well.

Love and Money are one of the many Scottish bands from that era. We had such a glut of talent, mainly coming from Glasgow, we really were spoiled (plus the bouncers back then were not so strict so sneaking into a club to hear some good music was a lot easier than it will be now). I used to see the lead singer walking around Glasgow, Sauchiehall Street to be precise, in his red baseball cap.

I listen to this and immediately I'm cycling home on a chilled Autumn evening in the West End of Glasgow. Headphones on, blind to the world around me, listening to the tapes I'd made from records I kept at my parents' house (because sometimes you just can't be too careful in a flatshare and I didn't have the money to replace any breakages or 'walkabouts'). Close my eyes and I can picture it completely.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Shutting The Monkey Up

Lots of things have happened in the last month, although as summer holidays go it's been mostly computer games and snuffling hayfever for the teens.  Plans for days out have fallen by the wayside, busy places have never been that appealing anyway.

I was watching a video on meditation, that is probably one of the most pretentious things I've ever written. I've been trying my hardest to learn to stop, breathe and calm down, especially during times of anxiety. When I went through CBT at the ME clinic I was taught various ways to attempt to switch off my buzzing mind. None of them really worked and then I saw this:

Completely relate to having a chattering monkey mind. Completely! Now, when I need a moment of peace I give the chattering monkey something to do. In my usual way, I almost feel like I should talk to the monkey, make peace with her - yeah, I'll let you know how that works out. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Sketches

The weather is as stormy as the news these days. There is only one solace - 


Sunday, July 10, 2016

When You Deal With Enough Provocation

There comes a time when the frustration of two years ago reinstates itself - in fact, it happens a lot nowadays. Perhaps the tide is turning, perhaps not. I don't underestimate the amount of stubborn, pig-headed people who will never change their views (because I am one!) But with all the crap we've been dealt with, all the lies exposed, being dragged out of the EU, about to have Trident nuclear weapons updated against our will, surely there can't be many who haven't seen the clear evidence we need to be independent?

Regardless, we'll be there with the facts again, I expect all the newspapers to do their best to trumpet all the misinformation again and not do their research. Take quotes out of context, ramp up the Project Fear machine, completely ignore the other side of the argument, oh we've seen it all before. If anyone believes them now then more fool them.


...positivity and hope never die.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Close Your Eyes & Pretend It Isn't Happening

That's pretty much how I feel about the way things are going at the moment. If I had to think about it too long I'd be sick with the way the UK is going and there is nothing we can do but be dragged down with it all.

So I will close my eyes, I will hear the sea rush against the beach and feel the sand on my toes. Everyone needs a happy place, I know where mine is and reality is truly too awful to want to remain there for long.

Yes, that is the Hobbits, not so little and cute now - more long of limb and handsome. Hug your babies, they grow up too fast!